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CRPP Artificial Intelligence in oncological imaging

CRPP Artificial Intelligence in oncological imaging

Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods are rapidly developing in many areas of everyday life.  First applications are also seen in medicine, and AI is expected to further revolutionize the work of many physicians. In this research priority program, we develop applications of AI in oncological imaging, i.e. the diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients. Improvements are expected in two directions. First, AI techniques facilitate automation and standardization of labor-intensive routine tasks of physicians. Second, AI algorithms allow for quantitative analysis of medical images and facilitate detection of image features not perceivable to the human eye. Thereby, AI algorithms may improve cancer diagnosis and therapy. 



Work by Krishna Chaitanya and Ender Konukoglu (WP 3) has been accepted to NeurIPS as an oral presentation, as one of only 109 out of 9000 submissions! Congratulations!


In the context of our CRPP, we hosted a symposium on "Augmented intelligence for quality improvement in Oncology" on January 30, 2020. Speakers from major IT companies (google, IBM, NVIDIA) as well as specialized companies (RaySearch) and startups (b-rayZ) shared their contribution to the introduction of AI technology in healthcare. Speakers from UZH, ETH and the University Hospitals illustrated the use of AI technology in different fields of medicine and presented ongoing research.




On January 30, 2020 we will organize a symposium on "Augmented intelligence for quality improvement in Oncology". Speakers from both academia and industry will present their perspective on the role of AI in oncological imaging and therapy. Registration is open!

More information can be found here (PDF, 3 MB).


Many visitors attended the Scientifica and our booth. With Artificial Intelligence receiving a lot of attention in the press, people were highly interested in our work on applying these methods in cancer diagnosis and treatment. 




Save tha date: From August 30 to September 01, we will be presenting our CRPP at the Scientifica to the general public! Join us at the booth!

more information can be found here