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CRPP Artificial Intelligence in oncological imaging


In the Clinical Research Priority Program, the competences of physicians and scientists from the University Hospital Zürich, the University Zürich, and the ETH Zürich will be combined to explore the potential of AI in oncological imaging. The network will exploit interdisciplinary synergies between clinical disciplines, translational research, and theoretical laboratories in the application of AI techniques. As knowledge of these methodologies is recognized as a core competence for the next generation of scientist and medical doctors, a strong emphasis has been put on developing an educational curriculum for the young scientists who will be supported and mentored by this program.

Specific aims of the network are:

  • To build a powerful network of AI research at USZ, UZH, and ETHZ,
  • To promote state-of-the-art AI research for interdisciplinary oncological research projects,
  • To accelerate translation from theoretical to clinical science,
  • To build a common AI platform compatible with the clinical environment,
  • To foster young scientists in the development of AI competencies.

It is of paramount importance to not only tackle the technological challenges of artificial intelligence but also to perform a sensible analysis of its social, legal and ethical implications. The potential to improve cancer therapy needs to be balanced with the limitations of artificial intelligence and we will address concerns regarding its acceptance among clinical user, patients and stakeholders. For these subprojects, experts from the fields of law, ethics and economics will be associated to this program at a time when basic technological problems have been successfully addressed.