Eight research teams spanning from basic computer and engineering research to clinical research in the fields of imaging and image-guided radiotherapy will cooperate in this interdisciplinary and multi-professional framework, each promoting one young scientist (PhD). The consortium members are linked not only to the University Hospital and Medical Faculty of the UZH, but are also affiliated with the Science Faculty (MNF) of the UZH as well as with the ETHZ. The proposed translational research project integrates disciplines from basic science, biomedical engineering and clinical research.


Project 1: MRI attributes for predictive models in oncology

PD Christina Rossi (MR-Physics, Radiology, UZH)

Project 2: Predictive modelling for radiomics biomarkers in solid cancers

Prof. Nicolaus Andratschke (Radiation Oncology, USZ)

Project 3: Weakly and semi-supervised learning for segmentation of volumetric images with fewer training samples

Prof. Ender Konukoglu (Computer Vision Laboratory, ETHZ)

Project 4: Observer-independent screening of breast cancer

Prof. Andreas Boss (Radiology, USZ)

Project 5: AI based modelling of lymphatic cancer progression

Prof. Jan Unkelbach (Radiation Oncology, UZH)

Project 6: Advanced imaging of brain tumors – improving diagnostic routines and MRI-measures for treatment effects

Prof. Andrea Bink (Neuroradiology, USZ)

Project 7: AI in lung cancer detection and staging using ultra-low dose PET

Dr. Martin Hüllner (Nuclear Medicine, USZ)

Project 8: Development of an automated triage system for the diagnosis of skin cancers

Prof. Ralph Braun (Dermatology, USZ)